Matthew and Fiamuin

Staff of the Household

Chief of Staff

Baroness Ellesbeth Donofrey, OP She/Her

Deputy Chief of Staff
Baroness Sylvia du Vey, OL, OP

Head Retainer

In charge of organizing people during events so that The Royals have enough people to help them perform Their duties, and making sure that every Retainer has time to do what they want to do in addition to volunteering.

Lady Cezilia Raposa, OSB, OSW She/Her

Deputy Head Retainer

THL Shyvan Floyd, OSC She/Her

Thegn to Her Royal Highness

William RavenHair

Captain of the Guard

THL Karl der Falchner, OGM

Lieutenant of the Guard
THL Vargus Ulfr, OSC

Lieutenant of the Guard Tir Mara
THL Edmund Woderose, OTC

Vox Regis

The voice of Their Highnesses, reads the scrolls that accompany the awards being given, and witnessing official business, in court.

Baroness Maria von Ossenheim, OP

Deputy Vox Regis Laird Meara MacNeil, OSW They/Them


Responsible for updating and maintaining the website.

Lord Nicol mac Donnachaidh, OST, OSB He/Him

Event Coordinator

Lady Hesychia of Ravensbridge, OSW

Deputy Event Coordinator
THL Amée le Mort, OSC, OSB

Mistress of the Robes

Coordinating wardrobe for the TRH. Reach out if you would like to help make (or organize the making) of clothing or accessories for the reign!

Mistress Albreda Aylese, OL

Largesse & Gift Basket Coordinator

Organizes and distributes art and supplies from the populace to visiting royals, baronial figureheads, event stewards, and others

THL Solveig Bjarnadottir, OSC, OM She/They

Favor Co-Coordinators

Enlisting, encouraging, supplying and distributing the consort’s favor design kits with instructions for creating them. 

THL Ciarnait ni Bhroin, OM

Mistress Cateline La Broderesse, OP

Toybox Largesse Coordinator

Propreatrix Bia-Ilulia Baebiana

Newcomer Gift Coordinator

THL Olivia Baker, OM She/Her

Royal Liaison to the Faces of Books, Proclaimer of Edicts, and Scriber of the Web

THL Áine inghean Uí Tuathail, OSC She/Her They/Them